Łeba, the city of the sun and the sea

Łeba is an artistically sited bathing and regeneration place as well as one of the most attractive small towns far and wide at the Polish Baltic Sea coast. Łeba has approx. 4.000 inhabitants that mainly live from the tourism and from the fishing.

The fishing port is with enchanted small fishing huts surrounded from the 19th century. Where Max Pechstein, in the years of 1921 to 1945 a known expressionist, lived. He<A[He|It]> created figures, wood and linoleum cuts, mosaics and painted landscapes and portraits. Co-founder of the New Secession and the group of the expressionists was pitchstone The Bridge. In Łeba living it<A[it|he]> immortalized on his pictures the life of the people. As well as that beautiful pine wood forests, wandering dunes, boats, sunrise and sunset at the sea. Max Pechstein died in 1955 in the age of 73 years.

Also a modern boat harbor gives it in Łeba. With 120 berths he is the center for the water events windsurfing, sails in the classes OPTIMIST and OPTICAL MASER.

Thanks to his unique situation Łeba has a being cured microclimate and the good health of the human body improves through that, not only in the main session that of June until<A[until|by]> August goes. Łeba is due not only to the open sea, but also to the delta of the river<A[river|flow]> Łeba. That in the 117 km remote so called Polish Szwajcaria Kaszubska (Kaschubische Schweiz) descends, and flows the coastal lake Łebsko 71 square kilometers and up to 6 m deep. Which one is in the world-known biosphere protection field Słowiński Park Narodowy (Nature conservation park Słowiński). With his greatest<A[greatest|biggest]> natural attraction - the big white wandering dunes. The lake Sabsko is in the east, and thus Łeba of three sides<A[sides|pages]> is with water surrounded. In the north the entrances to the wonderful beach are due to the Morze Bałtyckie (Baltic Sea). One can go at the beach for a walk hour-long, and the fresh sea air saline and containing iodine enjoys.



Attractions and sights of Łeba are,